Amigurumi Pattern Spotlight: Zelda by xMangoRose

I’m always testing out amigurumi patterns, free or paid, and I make note of the ones that deserve more attention from the community. This month's amigurumi pattern spotlight goes to Zelda by xMangoRose!

Difficulty: intermediate

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Fan Service: Why It Doesn’t Have to Be That Bad

Fan service is everywhere in the anime industry. Just think back to Neon Genesis Evangelion and how Misato always guaranteed fan service in the next episode; fan service is constantly on the minds of anime producers. It has always been welcome by many and disparaged by others, but we know one thing for certain: it’ll never go away. If fan service were truly a bad thing, we wouldn’t necessarily have to just accept this, but that leads to another question. Is fan service really all that bad?

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First Impressions: Final Fantasy XV

The main characters from Final Fantasy XV in battle against soldiers.

© 2006, 2016 Square Enix. Image from here.

Finally, after ten and a half years, Final Fantasy XV is upon us. For many, including myself, half of our lives have gone by since this game was first announced as Versus XIII, so the hype has built so much over the years that it’s now staggering. Moreover, after a series of subpar Final Fantasy games since 2009’s Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV, also known as FFXV, feels like a make-or-break game for Square Enix and the Final Fantasy series alike. So, is Final Fantasy finally back?

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